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What are on-pack promotions?

On-pack promotions are the practice of offering customers an incentive (such as a discount or the chance to win a prize) on or inside the packaging of a product, which can often be well in excess of the value of the product itself.

On-pack promotions are a well-used sales technique which can drive sales as well as give your product greater visibility on the shelf amidst the noise of your competitors.

Examples of on-pack promotions?

From a free toy in your cereal to the chance to win an all expenses paid luxury family holiday in your next packet of crisps, every major UK supermarket stocks well-known brands using this technique on a daily basis, with many brands running the same or similar campaigns year after year.

What are the benefits of on-pack and in-pack advertising?

The benefits of running on-pack or in-pack promotions are significant and include:

No 1. Increased Sales

The average consumer spends 13 seconds purchasing a brand in-store (Source) so making your product stand out on the shelf really matters. Everyone loves the idea of winning something for free and on-pack promotions can make your product stand out at the point of purchase against competitors on the shelf, allowing you to differentiate on something other than price.

No 2. Engaged customers, with greater customer retention

Interacting with your customers and providing gifts to your customers from time to time will increase your customer’s satisfaction and also their loyalty to your brand.

No 3. The opportunity to gather valuable customer data

Data is the new oil and finding GDPR compliant ways of better understanding your customer is the goal. Including a microsite into your campaign design allows you to capture valuable information and insight about your customers. Every time a customer enters your competition you can gather a range of information from a simple email address for your next online marketing campaign to more detailed questions for consumer research.

No 4. Increased brand awareness

On-pack promotions can increase your brand’s reach, via ‘earned media’ with customers speaking to friends and family about the product both in-person and via social media.

What are the different types of on-pack and in-pack promotions?

There are many different types of on-pack promotions, including:

A conveyor belt of innocent smoothie drinks

Digital on-pack promotions

At MRM, our in-house IT team can build a bespoke promotional microsite to your particular requirements. This site can also be incorporated directly and seamlessly into your brand’s website to make it look like part of your own site.

We will work with you to discuss the customer journey, the content needed and any validation criteria. All promotional sites are responsive, meaning they automatically resize for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Our microsites can capture a range of information, including:

How can you outsource your on-pack promotion?

Are you looking for a team who can support you end-to-end with setting up and managing your on-pack promotional campaign. Or perhaps you just need to outsource one aspect of this journey? 

At MRM, we offer a wide range of services to support your on-pack promotion, including:

Placing a return into the warehouse

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