Product Recall Management

A managed solution for product recalls and returns disposal

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What are product recalls?

Reacting swiftly to identify and remove dangerous products allows the manufacturer or service organisation the opportunity to minimise the risk to the consumer.  By handling the process in an efficient and timely fashion ensures that subsequent risk and liability issues are minimised.

What are the risks of a poorly managed recall?

As a manufacturer, you may not have the infrastructure and resource available to undertake an immediate and effective response, leaving your business temporarily exposed. 

Without precise communication and the swift resolution of the problem, your business runs the risk of dissatisfied customers and the potential risk of legal action.    Focussing your energy and time on dealing with a recall can easily become a major distraction in the day-to-day running of your operation.

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Product recall control

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How to set up your product recall

By getting in touch with MRM at an early stage, we can offer advice on a tailored solution designed to manage the issue and provide an effective solution.

How can you outsource the management of product recalls?

MRM is a specialist in the field of product recall, creating an efficient and cost-effective method of process management which will help to maintain your professional reputation, leaving your staff distraction free.  You can expect:

No 1. Project management and communication

MRM offer a prepared and definable out-of-the-box process that can be tailored for your recall application ensuring timely and effective delivery.  This process includes the direct correspondence to the client that clarifies the details of the recall and how the situation will be easily rectified. 

No 2. Reverse logistics and replacement shipping

As a logistics and fulfilment organisation, MRM have the capacity not only to coordinate the returns and deliver replacement items, but the disposal of the product under environmental guidelines.

No 3. Customer services query handling

Invariably the end user may have questions of a logistic or technical nature and our trained team of responders are on hand to handle all of the calls. 

No 4. Claim and refund processing

The back-office systems at MRM allow us to identify the customers with outstanding items and be proactive, delivering refunds and claim handling against set deadlines and contract requirements.

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