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What are customer care vouchers?

“89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.”

Customer care vouchers are a way of saying ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ for the inconvenience at the end of a service crisis or complaint.  A voucher will never replace poor service but will help to bolster good will alongside a sincere and efficient handling of the case.

A customer care voucher has the added benefit of redirecting the consumer back to the identical product in the fault, avoiding a period of purchase uncertainty and the trial use of a competitor’s brand.

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Why are customer service vouchers important?

The life blood of our businesses are the brands that we nurture, taking pleasure in their rise in popularity and the percentage of margin taken from our competitors.  But, just as easily, a once solid brand can just as easily fail if customer service expectations are not met, or complaints are not responded to efficiently and effectively.

Your brand promise, the commitment to exceptional customer service should be paramount.   Adding customer care vouchers into the mix is just one improvement that could be made.  MRM are in a position to design and print the voucher or supply digital variations.  On your instruction, we can send out a letter and the voucher to the customer and  of course, redeem those vouchers with your retailers once submitted.

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The team at MRM are happy to offer advise on the most appropriate and effective of using vouchers.  Book a short online meeting by calling 01858 410510 or email

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