Making decisions from real time data

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How is value extracted from data?

Data is king!  At every stage of interaction with our clients, we record something.  It may be the receipt of a coupon, an entry to a prize draw, a fulfilment order to send cosmetics to a consumer, there is always something happening. 

The data we hold is stored on secure servers in compliance with our Information Security Management System ISO 27001:2013 and in conjunction with current GDPR legislation. This gives MRM the ability to report on every operational aspect of your campaign.

Reports can be written specifically for each campaign, but examples would be:

Checking Beefayre cosmetic hand creams for fulfilment

Key points

Campaign alerts and triggers

Reports are there to give you the progress being made on the campaign, but what if the information is a warning to take action?  To protect the efficiency of your campaign we can monitor critical areas of the process.  We’ll keep an eye on stock levels to ensure there is always enough inventory to fulfil your orders, we can highlight orders received for closed campaigns and each issue will automatically fire off an email or report to the person that can take action.

Returning items to the warehouse

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By getting in touch with MRM at an early stage, we can offer bespoke solutions and advice which will positively aid the planning and execution of your campaigns.

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Customer dashboards

When you enter into an agreement with MRM and your campaign starts to run, you’ll want to see results.   Of course, we’ll schedule milestone meetings and a summary review at end of the campaign, but along the way MRM will automate reporting to keep you informed.  Here’s an example of a customer Dashboard with a selection of text, graphs and charts reporting on the campaign:

MRM Customer Dashboard
Example of a Customer Dashboard

The information you’ll receive in your reports is up to you, we’ll discuss this when we are setting up your campaign.

Reports will become an intrinsic part of the success of your promotional and fulfilment campaigns.  By automating a selection of reports, you can monitor what is taking place and always be aware of progress.

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