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What is door drop campaign management?

Putting a brochure, flyer or magazine insert through a letterbox is still a successful method of creating awareness of your brand with tangible advertising material. It is cost-effective and works for all sizes of business from small enterprises to the larger SME’s, allowing you to market your product or services strengths both locally and nationally.

What are the benefits of door dropping your message?

The item dispatched goes straight into the homes of the people that use your brands.  Unlike recent marketing electronic trends, door dropping continues to define a way of placing a message, voucher, coupon, or unique offer into the hands of the consumer with elevated levels of interaction and engagement.

Becoming scarce in society, paper is a prized medium that helps create feelings of quality and product superiority rarely achieved in emails or text messages. Studies show that paper media is less likely to be immediately discarded, as is the fate of so many email campaigns and remains a shopper’s favourite to be set aside for later use or carried, until a purchase is made. Door dropped physical copy has the added benefit of being revisited by the potential buyer on future occasions and this can recharge interest in the offer.

To find the right people, MRM use your ideal customer profile and mosaic (a consumer segmentation model) to find your target audience, then is this is overlayed with demographic profiling across the UK and postcode sectors are chosen. Importantly, your business stays completely GDPR compliant as all data is managed by MRM.

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