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What is Newton?

MRM have a dedicated IT development and support team who are responsible for the day-to-day efficient running of our computer systems and communications.  This team are also responsible for Newton, a software management system that our business relies on.

Newton is a platform that controls our warehouse management, client fulfilment solutions, order processing and customer services.   It has been specifically designed by – and for – MRM and is the backbone of all the fulfilment solutions that we provide.

How does Newton operate in MRM and for our clients?

For MRM users, Newton is the central hub of information.  It is where we can see every project and its status, plan our workload and answer customer queries as they arise.   

For our clients, Newton is where your promotional campaigns reside.  As we define your requirements, your requests for fulfilment, stock enquiries, reports, etc will all come from the system at the heart of MRM.  

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Business Process Automation is facilitated through Newton, the MRM fulfilment system.  It is important when you are considering all manner of promotional marketing, warehousing and storage, fulfilment and coupon services for your business that computer systems interact to save you valuable time.

As part of our campaign consultation, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process highlighting best practice.  This will include how the information is received, stored, processed and removed from our systems following all the relevant GDPR and government legislation.

We look forward to discussing your requirements.

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