Bespoke and off the shelf e-commerce platforms

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce, better known as Ecommerce (or E-Commerce), the buying and selling of products and services online, has seen exponential growth over the last few years, across B2C websites as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon.

What are the current trends in e-commerce?

With a revenue of £2089.6 billion, it is fair to say that the UK e-commerce industry is a rapidly growing sector and one that is expected to expand further for some time to come.

Forecast trends include omnichannel retail, as online and offline shopping are increasingly seen as one continuous experience. Many shoppers will go instore to check out a product, only to buy it online later at their convenience. Similarly, others will start their shopping research online but conclude it by purchasing instore.

Social media is playing an increasingly important role as a sales channel, with the rise of influencers assisting with product awareness and conversion.

And subscription e-commerce is also on the rise, with consumers preferring to pay a recurring fee in return for items from categories such as fashion, beauty, health, grocery and household shipped right to their door on a regular basis.

How can my business benefit from e-commerce?

From personalisation, use of social media e-commerce, omnichannel marketing and faster delivery, there are many different strategies you can use to differentiate your brand, attract and retain customers and drive revenue growth.

Which is the best marketing agency partner for e-commerce platforms?

Thinking about launching an e-commerce product offering for your brand or merchandise? Looking for a fulfilment partner who is experienced, can deliver cost efficiencies and be innovative? At MRM, our experienced in-house IT team have designed e-commerce solutions for FMCG brands, start-up businesses and major charities.

Bespoke or off the shelf e-commerce platforms: which solution do I need?

MRM’s off the shelf platform integrates the best of Shopify’s e-commerce features with our in-house fulfilment software (known as ‘Newton’) and is aimed at brands with typical order volumes of 250-2,000 orders per month. We offer a set pricing plan depending on the quantity of SKU’s. Our plan incorporates payment processing, the use of discount codes and a full shipping hierarchy, allowing
you to offer express delivery as well as lower cost delivery options.

For more complex e-commerce needs, we recommend our bespoke e-commerce platform, fully developed by our MRM team of web developers. As well as including all the benefits of the Shopify platform, we can develop more bespoke functionality such as multi-currency payments, cross-selling of product bundles. Our in-house IT team develops client platforms using the latest digital technologies and utilises .NET, Entity Framework and Bootstrap. We have the flexibility and resource to create exactly what you need.

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Looking for an Ecommerce platform provider?

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How to find a marketing agency partner for e-commerce platforms

Ready to launch your e-commerce product? All we need is the details of the products to be sold online, their retail prices, any discount codes to be included and expected order volumes.

We’ll then draw up a clear rate card of fulfilment charges, with no hidden costs and provide delivery options that will be integrated for your customers.

Your e-commerce platform can be integrated directly into your website, allowing you to start selling without delay.

Our payment provider will transact all orders and you’ll receive direct payment with a full reconciliation via your live online reporting portal, provided by MRM.

We can also offer expert customer services support via telephone and email – or access to our live customer look up if you’d prefer to handle this in-house.

MRM e-commerce order fulfilment services

The following are included in our e-commerce order fulfilment services:

Supporting Services

Bespoke and off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms

The UK’s largest & busiest competition handling house

Flexible warehousing solutions to meet all your needs

Points based and tiered loyalty programmes

End-to-end print management expertise

UK & International cashback solutions

Customer services for your promotional queries

Money off and discount coupons

Delivering innovative solutions with agility & expertise


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