Repacking Services

Re-labelling & re-packaging for dispatch and delivery

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Whether you are looking to repackage bulk stock, re-label a product, rectify misinformation or source additional protection for the distribution of fragile items, MRM has you covered. And we understand that you need it now.

MRM’s repacking services are designed to meet the most complex of requirements and cover all of the following:

Bulk stock repackaging

MRM has years’ of experience when it comes to breaking down bulk stock for repackaging. An integral part of our handling and fulfilment offer, we can take delivery of bulk stock before repackaging it for distribution as, for example, subscription box content or advent calendars.

Personalised labelling

Looking to offer personalised labelling? MRM has experience of running campaigns on behalf of pet food suppliers who wanted to offer bespoke tins of dog food to their customers for Christmas, featuring their pet’s name. The brand supplied the tins and MRM handled all the re-labelling and fulfilment.

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Product re-labelling

Change of ingredients? Product size or format? If you need to alter any aspect of the external packaging of your product, then MRM can help. From updating your branding to re-labelling a product because it contains out of date information, MRM can handle all areas of product re-labelling.

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If you need support with any aspect of re-labelling and re-packaging then get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

We can despatch in bulk or to individual locations and are able to handle both small and large volumes of stock, with our secure onsite warehousing.

Carton impact damage repair

Leaking cans in a box? Sunlight fade or water ingress? We can repair carton impact damage, including sourcing the outer packing and replacing any damaged product before sending it on to your chosen destination.

Protection for fragile items

MRM has extensive experience at finding solutions to packaging fragile items for delivery. From branded glasses which need to be sent to competition winners to making sure that nail varnish cannot leak from sealed packaging, we will ensure that your fragile items arrive at their destinations intact.

Special offer labelling

Running a time limited special offer and looking for support with print management and fulfilment?
Get in touch.

Labels and barcodes

We understand that carriers have their own labelling requirements so we can easily add labels and barcodes to any product or its packaging.

Packaging for promotional purchases

If you are looking to supply a branded glass with your bottle of gin for a Christmas promotion or want to add a packet of biscuits to accompany a jar of coffee, we can help. We can handle all aspects of collation for promotional purchases.

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