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Returning items to the warehouse

Customer returns

Customers return an estimated 30% of products ordered online (in contrast to just 9% in brick-and mortar stores). And yet 92% say that they would buy again if the product return process were easy.

With MRM, your customers can shop without worry, safe in the knowledge that there’s a streamlined process in place to handle their returns with ease.

And as a retailer, you can enjoy increased efficiencies, higher profit margins and greater insight into customer behaviour.

Seamless returns management

Returns are an expected consequence of e-commerce and may result from a number of variables, including customer choice, undeliverable addresses, incorrect items or damaged packaging.

Reverse logistics comprises receiving any returned items, accounting for them and ensuring that data sets are updated accordingly for future use.

Done effectively, an efficient returns process will ensure that all bottlenecks are resolved in the purchasing journey for your customer, allowing you to keep a real time eye on stock levels and return product to sale as soon as possible.

Stay in control and let MRM handle your returns

As experts in reverse logistics, MRM can take the pain out of all aspects of returns management andhandling.

Placing a return into the warehouse
The returns warehouse

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Seamless solutions

MRM’s returns management programme runs alongside our storage and fulfilment solutions. We offer a seamless process, meaning that the customer will be unaware that a third party is handling returns.

API integration

Our API system integration means that movement of return data can automated by our in-house IT services team.

Refunds and exchanges

We can perform quality checks on returned items and return them to you, the manufacturer or a designated repair centre if required. We can also issue customer refunds or exchanges on your behalf.

Waste management and recycling of received items

Should you require us to dispose of any received items, this can also be arranged.

Customer service management

MRM can provide seamless customer service support directly to your customer, using our friendly in-house team. 

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