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What is handling and clearing?

Handling and clearing are the processes of receiving coupon information either in person or by electronic means, checking their validity against agreed criteria for the promotion and the reimbursement of funds to the brand owner or retailer.

What are the key benefits for brand owners and retailers?

Coupons and vouchers are a valuable way to stay engaged with existing consumers showing their appreciation for brand loyalty.  They are also a great method to bring a new product to the attention of the consumer by creating an opportunity to trial something new.   Coupons help you to keep product awareness fresh and within the conscious gaze of the consumer.

How does working with MRM help?

MRM has an established heritage in the management and reporting of coupon clearing campaigns. With over 30 years of developing brand buying power, MRM is in a key position to offer advice on how to use coupons effectively.

Customer service responses

Key benefits for brand owners

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Our years of experience in administrating coupon campaigns means you can feel confident to pass over the whole process to us, leaving you time to focus on other areas of customer engagement.

To learn more about how our team can support your requirements, please call us on 01858 410510 or sales@mrm.co.uk

Key benefits for retailers

The best production methods for coupons

At the design stage, MRM will advise on the look and feel of the coupon and the best security features to use.  We’ll take into account the duration of the campaign, the amount to be redeemed, the value of the offer and discuss unique features such as foil printing and URN’s

Protecting the brand and fraud prevention methods

MRM plan to prevent fraud during the coupon clearing stage.  Our team possess the expert skills to quickly identify any fraudulent coupons and vouchers. From visual differences to the original version, or a different brand being used in the design to what is set up on our system against the barcode, to the feel and type of paper utilised.

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