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What is print management?

Print management is a defined strategy that’s sets out to optimise the area of physical and digital printing in a business.  By focussing and analysing your actual print needs, means that you can agree on a strategy of how best to handle this area of operation.

As is so often the case, the solution to your printing needs may well be found outside of your business.  With modern technologies and years of print management experience, your needs may be better suited, costs reduced and a more streamlined process put in place.  

What are the benefits of using a print management fulfilment house?

Generally, when printing is required, there is also a need to despatch that item.  In digital fulfilment it may be an email informing your customer of a special offer, created in their 1,000s or a physically printed welcome guide, holding membership passwords sent out in small quantities. 

Other benefits include:

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What can MRM do for you?

At MRM, we have a lifetimes experience in print management.  Our customers benefit from end-to-end solutions that importantly, take away the time-consuming and expensive involvement in arranging for printing for their business. 

For example, in commercial brochures. It takes time and money from arranging several quotes from printing companies, answering all the questions they have, to then having the added trouble to find a separate company for the packing materials and potentially more quotes to pack and label each individual letter to send to your customers. 

At MRM, we do it all!

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