The magic of business process automation

What is an API?

API, stands for Application Programming Interface and as its title suggests, it’s a tool used by software developers, so why is it important to our businesses?

An API is a software connector that links and lets business systems talk to each other.  It removes the need for manual intervention and automates those labour-intensive elements of your process that in the past would have been done by one of your staff.

In essence, APIs let computer systems send requests to each other and receive responses – in the blink of an eye!

Why is an API important to my business?

To build a successful business, we have to develop efficient systems that streamline how we process our clients’ requests and fulfil their needs as quickly as possible.  An API is an extra pair of hands that allows the process to continue without one of your people being involved.

For example, a consumer buys one of your products from your website and the API tells our Newton system to despatch the item on your behalf.  This simplified example shows you that process automation is a key tool in business efficiency and almost all of the work we get involved with uses API’s to make life easier!

When MRM builds a solution for a client, they each have their own intricacies and individual needs.  Instead of writing solutions from the ground up, we can now choose from a library of software building blocks that already have the functionality and use the API – the Application Programming Interface to connect them.  This saves a lot of time and cost.

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Examples using the API:

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Importantly, when we meet with you to discuss a promotional idea, we’ll document the objectives of the campaign and what you want to achieve.  MRM will bring into play their experience and advise on the best course of action for success.  We can demonstrate how data will flow between the computer systems involved and the efficiencies gained.

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