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Money off and discount coupons 

Money off and discount coupons. How couponing can increase conversion and drive up ROI for your brand.

“According to an August 2023 Vericast study, 66% of respondents believe that in today’s economic climate, the value of coupons and discounts is more crucial than ever before.
Additionally, 26% are spending more time looking for coupons and discounts online and in print due to the economy and their current financial situation.”

Consumers are increasingly price sensitive and when times are hard, pitching your product at the right price point is absolutely critical.

Differentiating your brand in a highly competitive marketplace can be challenging. But time honoured tools such as couponing could be just the thing to drive conversion.

What are money off coupons?

Money off coupons – also known as discount coupons – are a device to incentivise a customer to buy goods or services at a lower price or else get them for free.

What are the benefits of using discount coupons?

Coupons can drive up ROI and help measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign as well as incentivise a customer to buy something they might not otherwise consider purchasing.

The benefits of using discount (or money off) coupons are numerous and include:

What are the different types of reward available?

Broadly speaking, coupons fall into one of four different category types:

Type 1. Money off – giving customers the perception that if they don’t use the face value of a coupon it will otherwise be wasted

Type 2. Percentage based discount – these give customers say 20% off their next purchase

Type 3. Free postage – offering a customer discounted or free shipping if they make a purchase

Type 4. Free gift – usually offering a customer a free gift to accompany their next purchase

How effective are coupons?

A 2018 report by Inmar Intelligence (Inmar Shopper Behavior Study) found that 83% of consumers reported that coupons were a reason for a difference in their shopping behaviour.

39% bought a product much sooner than they would have planned because of a coupon.

And 38% reported buying more than they planned to because of a coupon.

How can money off coupons be distributed?

One of the attractions of money off coupons is that they can be distributed to the customer in a variety of different ways. These include:

What can a money off coupon look like?

An example money off coupon

How do money off coupons work in practise?

The following illustration shows that the brand owner need only be involved in step 1 – 3 below, with everything else being handled between the retailer and MRM.

A flowchart explaining the process of money off coupons
Picking items from the warehouse

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How to start your coupon campaign

By getting in touch with MRM at an early stage, we can offer bespoke solutions and advice which will positively aid the planning and execution of your coupon campaign.

Our years of experience in administrating coupon campaigns means you can feel confident to pass over the whole process to us, leaving you time to focus on other areas of customer engagement.

What coupon services does MRM provide?

MRM has a long history of running coupons campaigns for brands and can handle all aspects of couponing, including:

Digital coupons

MRM has developed a web based coupon, enabling consumers to print coupons at home.

This method reduces distribution costs and comes with several enhanced security features.

Suitable for individual distribution or mass distribution to identified recipients.

Check our webpage for more details on digital couponing.

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Money off and discount coupons

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