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What is a digital coupon?

Money off coupons reimagined and new markets explored!    Where the traditional printed money off coupon has been delivered by conventional Royal Mail, as handouts or inserted in magazines, digital coupons are delivered purely electronically.

By turning the printed form into a digital one, marketing teams have an additional way to direct their intended audience and create further interest in the promotion.  Using pay per click or social media adverts, the marketeer has the option to filter the advertising message, choosing an accurate demographic for the specific line item. 

Not tethered by desk email, the on-the-move shopper is kept informed of the latest special offers by social media and can move directly to the voucher website, retrieve the voucher which is then shown on the smartphone at the till of the retailer for the appropriate redemption.

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How does MRM handle digital coupons?

MRM is still the central point of contact for your promotion, advising on the benefits and best-practise of the media.  You may decide to run a digital coupon alongside, long-standing printed versions or try a completely new product line.

Want to know more about digital coupons?

The team at MRM are happy to offer advise on the most appropriate and effective of using digital coupons.  Book a short online meeting by calling 01858 410510 or email

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