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Key points

  • Coupon clearing
  • Coupon processing
  • Coupon settlement
  • Free & live online reports
  • Retailer & manufacturing coupon clearing
  • UK clearing operations
  • Digital Webcoupon solution

“89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience”

As the song goes ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’ and sometimes it’s not enough.

In our ultra-competitive consumer world, keeping customers happy may need a little boost, especially when in the consumers eyes, the brand promise has not been delivered.

Ensuring this is done cost effectively can be tricky but a dedicated customer care voucher not only achieves this goal, but also returns value by linking the voucher to the same or alternative products in the brand owners portfolio.

The acknowledged wisdom is that its 10 time harder to win a customer than it is to retain one. Therefore, the return on investment in Customer Care vouchers is significantly greater than the overall cost.

Example of a Customer Care Voucher ”Customer

How do Customer Care Voucher’s Work?

The brand owner is involved in step 1 – 3 below, with everything else being handled between the retailer and MRM.


MRM Services

  • Voucher Set Up (including generating the barcode & voucher, test scanning once the artwork is ready & expert advice)
  • Voucher Printing & Distribution
  • Voucher Redemptions (once the Voucher is used by the consumer, the various retailers return the Vouchers to their appointed handling house. From here they are sorted and sent to the brand owners Voucher redemption centre. If this is MRM we will process by sorting and scanning the Vouchers. This generates a monthly retail reimbursement based on the Voucher face value, handling allowance & postage contribution. A further monthly invoice is raised to the MRM customer / brand owner with back up details on the volume of vouchers processed.
  • MRM Couponline : Access to our dedicated web portal for reports and day to day visibility of activity.

Digital Vouchers

MRM has developed a Web based voucher, enabling consumers to print vouchers at home. This method reduces distribution costs and comes with several enhanced security features. Suitable for individual distribution or mass distribution to identified recipients. Check our webpage here for more details: - All your digital couponing - Webcoupon© (

Further information and advice

By getting in touch with us at an early stage, we can offer solutions and advice, which will aid your planning and execution of Voucher campaigns. Our expertise in administrating campaigns means they will run smoothly, leaving you time to focus on managing your customers.

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