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Key points

  • On-pack promotion advice & cost saving
  • Sourcing & fulfilment of physical & digital prizes
  • Peel & Reveal Promotions
  • Winner & Query Management
  • Digital & Microsite Set up
  • 24/7 live reporting

Full end-to-end set up & management of on-pack & in-pack promotions

On-pack promotions are a well-used and loved technique that can drive sales by making your product stand out on the shelf.

Every major UK supermarket has well-known brands using this technique every day with many brands running the same/similar campaign year after year, highlighting the success it drives.

What are the benefits of an on-pack promotion?

  • Collecting customer data - Including a microsite into your design allows you to capture valuable information and insight about your customers. Every time a customer enters the competition you can gather a range of information from a simple email address for your next online marketing campaign to more detailed questions for consumer research.
  • Increase sales - Everyone loves the idea of winning a prize for free. On-pack promotions can make your product stand out against competitors on the shelf.
  • Engage customers & drive customer retention - Interacting with your customers and providing gifts to your customers from time to time will increase your customer’s satisfaction and also increase their loyalty to your brand.
  • Increase word of mouth - By offering an on-pack promotion it can increase your brands chances of customers speaking to friends & family about the product. Winners might even show off their prize on social media which could influence further people to purchase.
Different types of on-pack/in-pack promotions?

There are many different ways you can promote your on-pack promotion and engage with participants:

  • On pack sticker / Peel & Reveal Promotions
  • Coupon
  • Scratch card
  • Inside the pack
  • QR code/ "Pin on pack"
  • Lot numbers/ Barcodes
  • Code & Receipt validation
  • Digital (Microsite)
  • Digital on-pack promotions

    Our in-house IT team can build any promotional microsite that is bespoke for all your needs. The page can also be incorporated directly into your brand website to make it look like your site – your customers won’t even be able to tell! We will work directly with you to discuss the customer journey, the content needed and any validation criteria. All promotional sites are user-friendly for mobile, tablet & desktop.

    The site can capture a range of information & we can create the design depending on your exact data requirements:

  • First name & surname
  • Email address and/ or physical address
  • Any opt-ins
  • Bank account details
  • Code validation (Pin, lot no. barcode etc.)
  • Receipt validation (if required)
  • Prize selection (if customers have a choice of prizes to choose from)
  • Prize fulfilment integration directly into our warehouse
  • Automated emails
  • Payment gateways
  • 24/7 live reporting
  • Additional admin pages
  • Are you looking to outsource your on-pack promotion?

    Are you looking for someone who can support end-to-end with setting up and managing your on-pack promotion or possibly just looking to outsource one part? We can offer a wide range of services to support your on-pack promotion:

  • On-pack promotion advice & cost savings
  • Sticker promotions (Sourcing & fulfilment on applying stickers to packs)
  • In-house IT team to develop bespoke online digital elements & support & automated emails
  • Sourcing & fulfilment of prizes (BACS transfer for cash prizes, sourcing and physical fulfilment of physical prizes, sourcing and distributing experiential prizes, Gift card/ Pre-paid card/ Gift voucher/ E-vouchers sourcing and physical/digital distribution, distribution of donation prizes)
  • Flexible storage & high-value secure storage
  • Fast turnaround of prizes – can provide same day despatch
  • Competitive prize despatch
  • Coupon & Webcoupon creation & management & clearing
  • Winner & Query management (multi-channel in-house customer services, phone & email)
  • Legal advice ( T&C’s)
  • Campaign analysis
  • Full financial reconciliation
  • CAP code competition compliant
  • UK & International prize fulfilment
  • 24/7 Live reporting such as:
  • No of winners & no. of prizes still to be claimed
  • Code redemptions by day
  • Export of any options
  • Physical fulfilment of gifts
  • We can also provide contacts or manage on your behalf:

  • Insurance options
  • Auditing & overseeing the placement of prizes

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