Outsourcing your brand’s competition winner management and prize fulfilment

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Outsourcing your brand’s prize fulfilment for your next promotional marketing activity can take the stress away from managing all aspects of your campaign in-house and give you the time to focus on raising brand awareness and promoting your brand further.

We have been supporting well-known and loved brands for 28+ years. We have overseen a wide range of promotions including contests, competitions & cashback schemes being advertised via a wide range of communication platforms including digital, social media, TV to physical point of sale.

There are many different types of prizes can be awarded to winners – all have their unique benefits! We will work closely with you to choose the best option for your brand and can also support with multi-channel fulfilment, so you are not limited to choosing one option. We can support with the following prize fulfilment options:

Physical gifts/prizes

Physical gifts are a great way to raise brand awareness further. Sending winners physical gifts can generate word-of-mouth to friends and family, and winners may also amplify on social media. All that is needed is the winner’s name and the delivery address. We can support with the sourcing of branded merchandise, to the physical fulfilment of storing and sending prizes directly to the winners. Using our Newton system (built in-house) you will have 24/7 live online access to full transparency and reporting, allowing you to view which prizes are in stock & where and when prizes have been claimed & sent/received by your customers.

Cash prizes

We have recently seen a big increase in cash prize driven competitions which is not surprising due to ease of distribution. This is a simple and easy process that involves collecting the winner’s bank account details through a secure digital site and as we are a BACS approved bureau, it means we can make payments on your behalf from a float provided upfront.

Experiential prizes

Experience gifts can create a lot of excitement whether it is the chance to win a holiday/stay overnight somewhere to winning a day’s activity– all are well received. All that is needed is the winner’s name & email address. We will work closely with you to find the experience you want to provide and can support with the sourcing before the campaign and winner management for when the campaign goes live.

Gift card/ Gift voucher/ pre-paid card / E-vouchers/ Digital Coupon

Physical or digital e-vouchers are another way to securely send payment and can be a great substitute if you would prefer not to pay cash to your winners. All that is needed is the winner’s name, delivery address for physical vouchers/cards or winner’s name & email address for digital winners. We can support with sourcing, secure high-value storage & physical and secure distribution directly to winners and sourcing & management of digital e-vouchers.

Donation prizes

Perhaps your customers have a choice of prizes and donate to a local charity. Whether it is physical or cash donation values we can support with sourcing and distribution.

We can support with:

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