Newton is MRM’s cloud based stock management and fulfilment system – written by our in-house IT team. Our clients have access 24/7 via desktop, tablet or smartphone. The secure dashboard provides an at-a-glance picture of stock holding, stock movements and sales activities

Clients have 24/7 access via our live dashboard portal

Clients have the option of setting-up products, pre-advising stock deliveries, placing manual orders and providing customer services for themselves, or these functions can be performed by MRM staff on the same platform.

“Bespoke system that can be tailored to fit each client’s needs”

Most of our fulfilment clients have been transferred onto Newton. However, some of our longer standing clients are on Alchemy – also previously written in-house. We decided to start moving our clients across to our Newton system in 2016 as it’s visually friendly, allows greater flexibility, higher level of security and provisioning of additional resources to deal with peaks in demand.

Campaign Checklist

For every campaign that we work on we conduct an internal campaign checklist. This is used to ensure your campaign runs as smoothly as possible. It’s also a safety net procedure to resolve any issues that arise meaning your customers get the best customer journey possible.

A sample of what is included in our campaign checklist is shown below:

  • Commercial: Written confirmation of quote confirming materials/dispatch method(s)/ SLA/ address management (freepost/PO Box) info, Business Risk Assessment, Purchase Order No’s, Credit Application/Check check/ Proforma Invoice, MIS/ Job Number, Budget/Forecast, SLA Contracts and that any NDA’s are in place.
  • Account Set-up: Create newton account, issue MRM093 Universal Goods in supplier guidelines to client, create client access to online reporting, pre-advice & stock code creation, online editing, customer services, and order entry. Confirm despatch matric details, create pre-advice and confirm methods of incoming stock, create any live or system scheduled reporting.
  • Lorax system set up: Define how long customer data is help and any data extraction at the end of the campaign. Test run of client data being confirmed, client DPA registration number, Data Processing Agreement, Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • Testing: Order run & pick, check no of records loaded and run picking routine, conduct test mailing – to MRM, evaluate any other issues that have been raised.


BACS Bureau

For payment processing, we are a BACS approved bureau and as a registered Data Controller* and Processor we have the highest standards of data security and control. Being a BACS bureau means we are permitted to make payments to customers from a client’s own bank account using our BACS bureau facility; this is particularly beneficial when we’re reimbursing large sums to customers.

* Registered Data Controller. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

PC DSS Compliant

MRM is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) with stringent processes in place to protect personal data:

  • No cardholder data held by MRM
  • Credit/debit card details are held by a PCI-compliant Level 1 Service Provider – referenced using tokens for all card transactions
  • No cardholder data accepted via email
  • Any cardholder data sent via post order forms are redacted immediately the data has been entered onto the system.

Payment Processing

Whether you are looking to process payments from customers or you want to make payments to them, as a BACS approved Bureau and being PCI-DSS compliant, we can manage all your payment processing requirements and our systems are regularly audited and tested by clients including the UK government, BBC and major charities.

Our BACS approved status allows us to keep processes simple and easy for our clients:

  • Transact payments direct to consumer bank accounts
  • Make payments from client accounts using our BACS Bureau status
  • Schedule regular payments i.e. for our retailer coupon clients
  • Secure payment processing facility allows us to transact payments via credit & debit cards
  • Proforma invoice management
  • Deposit scheme management – typically used by charity clients for school orders
  • Multi-currency payment processing – MRM currently supports 15 currencies and this is ever growing
  • Integration with client website or development of standalone ecommerce websites using MRM’s in-house IT team
  • Integration of processing platforms such as Stripe

Data Management

Lorax – created by our in-house IT department was developed to maintain records of the information assets that we manage, and how information flows around our organisation. It also provides facilities for managing information security risks associated with these assets and data flows. It also allows us to be GDPR compliant.

As you would expect, for an organisation dealing with payments on behalf of clients, we require staff to have experience in a similar secure environment (for example, in handling cash/money off next purchase vouchers) where a high degree of trust and confidentiality is proven. For data security, bank account details are validated using web services and any bank details captured online are protected by encryption, using SSL digital certificates.

Credit and debit cards are processed by a third-party payment services provider. For Internet transactions, we use a secure payment page, which can be branded to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ websites whilst mail order and telephone order (MOTO) transactions use secure web services direct from our fulfilment system, Alchemy. This service complies fully with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and no card holder details are stored on MRM’s network.