Charities: Phygital Fundraising / Sponsorship Pack Fulfilment

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We’ve been supporting several top UK charities for over 10 years so we know that liaising with a 3rd party outsourcing partner can save your charity time, stress as well as potentially providing further cost savings.

We have the experience and expertise to keep your supporters engaged and manage your daily fundraising pack fulfilment on your behalf. Allowing you to concentrate on the core elements such as expanding your fundraising network.

Is your charity planning its next fundraising event? Get in touch with MRM to see how we can support!

Physical Fundraising Pack Collation & Fulfilment

In 2020 we sent out over 45,000+ individual charity packs direct to individuals, businesses, primary & secondary schools, nurserys and pre-schools.

Regardless of how big or small your charity is – we can help! 

We can support with:

    Digital Fundraising Pack Collation Fulfilment

    We have seen charities exploring sending packs digitally. We can offer support with:



    Online fundraising pack platform

    How about allowing your sponsors to sign up online, download & print everything they need to start fundraising?

    Our in-house IT team can create a completely bespoke platform where your supporters can have access to everything they need:

    Let us know if you are considering using a 3rd party outsourcing company for your sponsorship or fundraising pack fulfilment! And don’t hesitate to call us on 01858 410 510 or email to discuss your campaign further.


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