Cashbacks: customer journeys are crucial

Counting money for a cashback campaign

Cashbacks are a great way to increase customer awareness and entice customers to purchase. Yet, carefully thinking through your customer’s journey when setting up a cashback scheme is crucial to reducing potential pitfalls and gaining maximum potential. We have devised and managed many cashback promotions over the last 27 years both in the UK and internationally and we are always here to support and give advice.

There are many reasons to review your cashback journey from beginning to end:

Cashbacks can be as complicated as you wish, yet we find the ones with the easiest customer journey and the simplest claim submission process to be the most successful.

It’s important to clearly think through each stage of the process. Below is a simple 4 step process which are the fundamentals to a cashback scheme. At each of the 4 stages: Purchase, Claim Submission, Validation and Cashback Received there are many choices and options. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us early so we can provide advice and discuss the best option for you and your customers.



The customer buys the eligible product with the cashback promotion attached between a certain timeframe.


The customer fills the promotion form in (also adding in proof of purchase), claims are usually set to ‘x’ days after purchase (and must be claimed by a certain date). Automated email confirms claim has been submitted.


MRM validates the claim, if it meets the terms and conditions of the promotion, the customer should receive the cashback into their account within ‘y’ days of being validated. Automated email advises the customer the claim has been approved/ rejected. If rejected, details are provided as to how to connect the claim & resubmit.


Customer receives the cashback. This can be via BACS (direct bank transfer), prepaid card or voucher(s). An automated email notification is sent to update the customer.


MRM offers offer a wide range of promotional services including bespoke and end-to-end cashback solutions. Everything we create can be adapted and altered exactly to your requirements providing your customers the best service possible.

Engaging with a partner like ourselves helps in making everything as pain free as possible. The end-to-end process and customer journey can be discussed upfront and then we will manage the process externally, leaving you with the time to check the progress through 24/7 live real time reporting.

For more information call us on 01858 410 510 or email to find out how we can assist with your campaign.


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