Handling & fulfilment

Innocent Drinks ‘thanking all the Nannas’

Innocent Drinks wanted a unique way to thank all the nanna’s for their contributions to their ‘Big Knit’ campaign.

In a day and age where modern technology has taken over and communication relies on texts and emails what better way to thank a generation of letter writers than a personalised note. MRM set about writing 10,000 personalised thank you notes describing their favourites of each nanna’s knits whilst following Innocent’s fun-loving brand guidelines.

We provided a full end-to-end solution which helped to create a significant consumer buzz and huge amounts of social media interaction while our advice on processing and packaging helped minimise costs.

Since then we’ve worked on a number of campaigns for Innocent Drinks including the ‘Pink Juice Poem’ which targeted a younger audience yet had the same warming effect and social media buzz. 

Another was their ‘Go-Conut Coconut Water’ campaign and a Very Berry Christmas Sock fulfilment.

For all campaigns we were asked to create eye catching handwritten notes to accompany hand-finished sampling packs.


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