Department of Health

BPO – Reimbursement Unit

Healthy Start

The Healthy Start scheme was introduced to replace Milk Tokens with a bespoke requirement to deliver a fully auditable means of validating high volumes of redeemed vouchers and making disbursements to retailers. It was also critical to be able to ensure that no vouchers could be duplicated and redeemed for payment.

MRM developed a fully bespoke operation to meet the client’s needs; state of the art high speed scanning machines were sourced which would provide a 100% accurate record of all vouchers scanned (more than 650m to date). We invested in intense development work that would immediately identify any fraudulent redemptions to the individual involved and would be admissible in a court of law.

Under OJEU we are required to re-tender for the work and have been successful in retaining this for more than 12 years:


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