29/12/2020 | loyalty, customer retention, driving sales, purchasing

Top ways to lock in your loyal customers!

Did you know increasing customer retention by as little as 5% can boost profits by between 25% to 95%1. 2020 has been an unpredictable year and the traditional marketing strategies have been put under more pressure than normal.

Points based loyalty schemes are designed to reward those who purchase and engage with your brand. They also provide an added incentive for consumers to purchase. Once a certain amount of points/ credits have been collected they can be redeemed against a range of rewards via a digital platform.

Yet, fundamental to driving sales is understanding your target customers and knowing what motivates them. There are many ways to structure your loyalty schemes such as:

-         Frequency of purchase (e.g. if a customer purchases x4 per calendar month)

-         Basket spend (e.g. if a customer purchases over a certain value i.e. £250)

-         Behavioural (e.g. if a customer shares a social media link or invites a friend)

How about getting creative and spicing up your marketing next year!

During 2020, customers have become more loyal to particular brands than ever before, with 25% of consumers saying they are more loyal to brands now than last year2. With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how you can increase your customer loyalty.

Loyalty can be as easy as sending a reward to a database of identified customers. Alternatively MRM can work with you to develop a fully bespoke and branded digital loyalty platform that tracks behaviour/ spend and adapts accordingly. We provide a wide range of services including reward sourcing, sales data, digital platform set up & integration to fulfilment and despatch. Add a layer to your promotional marketing strategy and give us a call today!

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