11/05/2021 | Product sampling, Consumer Data, Collecting, Segregating, Freebies

Product Sampling: Collecting & Segregating Consumer Data

In our previous blog we talked about the value that product sampling campaigns can have for your brand.

Something we believe that is worth considering is ensuring that alongside sampling you are able to generate and manage customer data sets.

Product sampling gives you the opportunity to learn more about your consumers and one way this can be achieved is by having a microsite connected to your sampling campaign.  

Product Sampling/ Freebie Microsites

We offer a full end-to-end product sampling system and management service. A microsite can be incorporated into your brand website, which will gather all the data you need from your consumers. From a customer perspective, it will be quick and easy to fill out with either the chance of receiving or guarantee of a free sample. You will have full transparency of all the data collected in which we can either provide a full breakdown or segregate your data on your behalf. Allowing you to pinpoint & target the consumers you would like to focus on.

We can then integrate this data directly into our “Newton” inventory and management system. Allowing us to pick, pack and despatch the samples directly to your consumers. To find out more click here to read our latest blog about our traditional sampling storage & fulfilment services.

Customer Feedback from Sampling Campaigns

Once samples have been sent, it is time to listen to your consumers and find out more. We can offer various ways to collect the feedback, sending out physical QR codes or web links alongside the sample product to sending despatch/timed emails to all recipients. Allowing you to further segregate the data.

All our microsites are fully bespoke to accommodate your needs and can be integrated with our traditional sampling storage & fulfilment services. To read more about creating customer loyalty and our sample storage and fulfilment services click here to read last week’s blog. Or don’t hesitate to get in touch with Helen via 01858 414 767 or to hear more about how we can support you and your brand with your sampling campaign.


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