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Prize Draw: The main benefits of offering physical products & merchandise as prizes

Digital prize draw competitions have become increasingly popular. Not only are they fun and a great way to engage with your customers, they can also extend your customer reach and increase future sales. For example, according to recent research “62.13% of participants share the promotion with a friend and suggest they take part too”1. After all who doesn’t enjoy the chance to win a free prize? This brings us onto discussing the different types of prizes that brands offer and their benefits.


There are a wide range to choose from including the most common types being:


  •           Physical Prizes
  •           Monetary/ Financial Prizes
  •           Experiential Prizes

Below are some key benefits for offering physical prizes and how MRM can provide external support with managing the distribution of the prizes on your behalf.


Physical Prizes


Physical prizes are fantastic for all levels of incentives such as high, medium and lower tier. They can provide excitement and loyalty for current customers by giving them a item to keep.


This excitement can also lead to winners increasing brand awareness further through social media. For example, it’s becoming increasingly popular for winners to share a picture of their prize on social platforms or for Youtubers to create unboxing videos of their gifts. This can then lead to current customers attracting their friends and followers to either enter the competition themselves, follow the brand by increasing their subscribers and support with increasing future sales.


Physical prizes also provides the opportunity for your brand to personalise the prize items, for example with your brand name/logo. This can offer brand incentives such as future free advertising, for example branding on clothing and shopping bags which keeps the brand at the forefront of people's minds.


Below are a few ideas of physical prizes:


  •        Higher-value physical items include digital - such as tv’s and games consoles.
  •        Medium & lower value physical prizes including branded merchandise products like water bottles, shopping bags, caps, t-shirts.


With over 28+ years of experience in traditional handling and fulfilment we are set up to easily store, pick, pack and despatch your prizes directly to your customers. We can support with the following:


  •           Short/Long-term storage, High-value storage & drop shipping solutions
  •          Quality control checking
  •           Physical stock counts
  •           Sourcing of prizes including branded merchandise
  •           24/7 real-time stock dashboard and reporting
  •           Daily or weekly prize despatches
  •            Collation of items/bundles for each prize
  •            Eco-friendly packaging
  •            Prize/ parcel tracking


Get in touch today with Helen on 01858 414767 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements and find out about how we can help with your next competition.

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