19/11/2019 | New Year, Campaigns, Goals, Digital, Driving Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Fulfilment

New Year, New Campaigns!

The New Year resolution discussion has already started at MRM HQ, ranging from digging out the long forgotten Lycra to join a fitness class, or learning a new skill or hobby, to saving money and spending more time with family and friends.

But now is also the perfect time to consider your business goals for 2020, crunch the numbers and decide which direction you want to send your promotional marketing campaigns in for the coming year.  We’ve put together some helpful hints and tips to start your New Year marketing with a bang!

  • Start at the beginning - have a solid plan, what it is you're trying to achieve? what does success look like? Who are you targeting?
  • Get the briefing right - be clear on what your objectives are and provide as much detail as possible.
  • Budget - and let is know your expectations around budget!
  • Get the mechanics right - don't make things to complicated for the consumer to understand. Ask yourself 'is the campaign engaging, easy to understand and relevant to the audience?'
  • Compliance - get expert advice and make sure your promotional activity ticks all the right boxes and is compliant with CAP code. The IPM offers a legal service to assist you with this, and you can use the IPM seal to demonstrate compliance.
  • Review - evaluate and measure ROI, discuss with your agency and fulfilment partner to find out what worked and what you can learn from to apply to future campaigns.

Get us involved early in the process, so that you can utilise our decades’ worth of experience to help you in the planning stages.  MRM works in partnership with a huge range of clients from government departments to well-loved charities and help them utilise the best promotional marketing solutions to achieve their goals.  We are experts in anything from digital campaigns through to fulfilment and a vast amount in between.  We use the power of people, processes and technology to deliver campaigns designed to drive sales, providing a flexible approach and allowing you to focus on your brand and let us take care of the nuts and bolts!

Who knows, maybe this year might just be the year that you achieve your personal resolutions…we can’t do much to help you with that – but we can guarantee to be able to help you with your business goals.  Here’s to a new year filled with health, wealth, happiness and successful marketing campaigns!

If you’d like to know more about how MRM can help you add value to your promotional campaigns, get in touch with Caroline on (01858) 414767, or email at [email protected]

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