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Logistical solutions for your POS needs

Fulfilment is at the heart of our business, and we have built systems around this using technology and infrastructure supported by our ISO approved processes.

We have a huge amount of experience managing stock and the logistics associated with delivering POS materials, including sending to field sales teams and to events, alongside kit ordering for both B2C and B2B marketing.  Below are some examples of contracts that we work on regularly:

  •       Ongoing retail/wholesale/dealership support
  •         New product launches and event support
  •          Product sample distribution
  •          Spare/replacement of parts and components
  •          Collate and despatch materials/products to promotional partners

And we work with clients all along the supply chain:

FMCG, automotive, white goods and cosmetics manufacturers alongside publishers, government departments, charities and holiday companies.

These are just some of the things we can help you with:

  •         Assembly/kit make up to exact layout specifications
  •         FSDU stocking, labelling and shrink wrapping for direct store delivery
  •          Promotional literature
  •         Dummy stock/demonstration items for practitioners
  •         Support materials for field sales teams
  •         Contract pack/seasonal gifts or premiums
  •          Hand finishing

And our brilliant team add value by:

  •          Assigning a highly experienced account manager, able to advise you on how to bring best value/ROI and achieve required SLAs
  •          IT expertise, including web development on site
  •          Systems architecture to allow integration with other services (e.g. multi source order data integration)
  •          Appreciation and knowledge of the delivery restrictions in despatching to various establishments (distribution hubs/retailers/practitioners)

Whatever your POS marketing material requirements, we’re confident that we have every task and supply chain covered, and can add value by helping you to be cost and process efficient.

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