12/03/2020 | Service update, coronavirus, business planning

Coronavirus - an MRM service update

As we enter a critical phase in the anticipated spread of COVID-19, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the steps we are taking here at MRM to protect the health and safety of our employees and to minimise potential impact on ‘business as usual’ operation.

We have asked staff to notify us if, in the course of taking leave, they have visited or plan to visit regions designated as high risk. No staff have indicated their past or future travel plans incorporate high risk regions.

To date none of our staff have self-isolated. We have advised that we would require certification of the need to do so via reference to ‘111’ or GP’s.  We have secured further VPN access in the event that staff may be forced to work from home.

Our position on sick pay and contracts is quite clear. We have no zero hours contracts and have never worked in this way. Our sick pay terms are very generous and significantly above statutory levels.

Our Support Services department is in constant contact with sub-contractors where appropriate, to ensure we are advised on their policies in managing health and safety risk. Whilst we have yet to implement any ban on hand contact between employees and site visitors or suppliers, we are happy to respect those organisations who have made such provisions.

Through our monthly Management Group and weekly Executive Team meetings, we have been able to brief all department heads and team leaders on the actions we are taking. We have ensured that all contact details for staff are up to date. We are undertaking twice daily cleaning of communal areas, including door handles and push plates. Staff have been made aware of the symptoms of coronavirus and how to spot them. Three varieties of notice have been produced and displayed in all kitchen & washroom areas, giving explicit instruction on hand washing and the disposal of paper tissues. Hand sanitisers and wipes are available for individuals to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their own work stations and associated equipment.

With regard to goods receipt from overseas, we have followed government advice to date that states ‘Staff should continue to follow existing risk assessments and safe systems of work. There is no perceived increase in risk for handling baggage, post or freight from specified countries.’

The situation is of course developing and changing by the day. Please be assured that we will remain vigilant with regard to how working practice may need to be amended moving forward. Should you have any questions about our approach to how we are managing your business, please do not hesitate to contact your account team or myself.

Marc Rigby - Managing Director

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