24/10/2019 | MRM, IMCC, Marketing, Communications, Promotional Marketing, Industry News

Peter Kerr appointed Chairman of the Integrated Marketing Communications Council of Europe

We are very pleased and proud to announce that MRM’s very own Executive Chairman Peter Kerr has recently been appointed as the Chairman of the Integrated Marketing Communications Council of Europe (IMCC).


22/10/2019 | POS, Managing Stock, Distribution, Sales, Demonstration, FMCG, Automotive, White Goods, Cosmetics, Publishing, Charities, Holiday Companies

Logistical solutions for your POS needs

We have a huge amount of experience managing stock and the logistics associated with delivering POS materials, including sending to field sales teams and to events, alongside kit ordering for both B2C and B2B marketing. Fulfilment is at the heart of our business, and we have built systems around this using technology and infrastructure supported by our ISO approved processes.


09/10/2019 | Awards, Winners, Handling, Fulfilment, Loyalty, Solutions, KPIs, Promotion, Promotional Marketing


We are very pleased and proud to announce that we were awarded not once, but TWICE at the 2019 IPM COGS Awards!


08/10/2019 | Brexit, Statement, MRM, Service, Storage, Customer Service, Digital Solutions, Fulfilment

Brexit Statement

As the next deadline moves ever closer and the likelihood of a No Deal Brexit increases, we would like to reassure our clients and prospects that such an outcome will bring little risk to the services we supply to you.


03/10/2019 | Promotional Marketing, Fulfilment, Handling, Digital, Rewards, Christmas, Operations

He’s making a list and checking it twice!

We may be just entering October, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the dreaded ‘C’ word. And if Santa is making sure that he’s prepared, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you are too!


27/09/2019 | Outsourcing, Charity, ECommerce, Fundraising, Fulfilment, Warehousing, Print

Outsourcing for Charities

Most charities find they need external support at some stage, whether this be for a one off campaign or for your day-to-day activity. Relationships with external providers cover a wide range of services and MRM are very well placed to assist you with any challenges you are facing...


03/09/2019 | acquisition, retention, marketing, loyalty, brand personality, relationship

The Leaky Bucket

Acquisition Vs Retention: A consumer life-cycle question What is most important to your business, the acquisition of new business, or the retention of your existing client base? Presumably, your response on this would immediately be BOTH!! But can you put your initial response into facts and figures? How much of your time, resource and marketing budget goes towards the maintenance of existing business?


27/08/2019 | cashback, discounting, marketing, promotional marketing, fulfilment, handling house

Cash in on Cashbacks!

Cashback is a essentially a retrospective discount, but it is more strategic than traditional point of sale discounting and will work to increase your long term profitability without lowering your profit margins significantly or hurting your brand or market share. Traditional point of sale discounting can erode the public perception of your brand, making the product seem cheap – whereas a product offering Cashback is a better perceived option, as you are rewarding your customers for their purchases.


05/08/2019 | loyalty, brand loyalty, brand advocate, points, B2B, B2C, digital, customer support, service, loyalty scheme, MRM, driving sales, sales, promotional marketing, marketing, digital solutions

Mum was right about loyalty...

How many times in your adult life do you reflect back on the advice your mum gave you as a kid/teen/early adulthood? I know for a fact that as a parent myself now I often hear myself sounding like my mother and cringe!! But is it such a bad thing to have soaked in that sage like advice and start telling your own kids your version of the same thing?


30/07/2019 | mrm, ROX, ROI, handling, fulfilment, marketing, unboxing, hand finishing, bespoke, support, unique

ROX is the new ROI

#ROX is the new #ROI... Customer experience is the new marketing Rock n Roll, get ready to define your position in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd!