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Brexit Statement

As the next deadline moves ever closer and the likelihood of a No Deal Brexit increases, we would like to reassure  both our clients and future prospects that such an outcome will bring little risk to the services we are able to supply to you.

MRM is a wholly-owned and independent UK based company, with all services carried out at our rural operational base in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Most clients use us for UK-based activity although we do provide international fulfilment and cashback services. Clients using MRM for solely UK-based activity are unlikely to see any impact of Brexit as we have been holding proactive discussions with suppliers to understand where their products are manufactured and to ensure they (and we) are holding sufficient packaging/consumables for business-as-usual operations.

There is a small likelihood that clients using our international services may be affected and the account teams responsible will be taking directly to stakeholders about the risk assessments and protective actions we are taking on your behalf.

Be assured our reliance on non-UK work is currently less than 6% of our business turnover and as such brings no risk to the tenure and security of our business.

We appreciate our position may be very different to yours and would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have resources such as storage, customer services, digital solutions and fulfilment to support you should these changing circumstance cause you any concern.

Kind regards,


Peter Kerr

Executive Chairman

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