05/01/2022 | Scratchcard, promotional campaign, customer awareness, repeat purchasing

Benefits of running a scratchcard promotion

With over 28 years’ experience in setting up and managing campaigns, we have supported a wide range of different scratchcard promotions including both physical and digital campaigns. They are ideal for boosting sales and provide many benefits such as the following: 

-          Creates customer excitement

Scratchcards are highly effective at increasing awareness and building customer excitement. They can be used to  attract new customers to trial your product whilst also providing a thank you to your current loyal customer base. As everyone enjoys the chance of winning a prize. Prizes can be high/low value including Physical, Experiential & Monetary. We can also support with prize sourcing and winner management.

-          Increases repeat purchasing

The added chance of winning a prize along with the purchase of a product can make the product stand out on the shelf and attract new customers to try your product. Hence this might lead to repeat purchasing. In addition, scratchcards are an ideal opportunity to provide both low-value and high-value prizes. Low-value prizes can be given out such as a fixed amount of money off their next purchase i.e., £1-£5 coupon which can incentive customers to re-purchase.

-          Affordable

Scratchcard promotion campaigns can be tailored to your budget and are relatively low cost compared to alternative promotional campaigns. If you are a high-end luxury brand a digital scratchcard may resonate with your target audience yet if your company targets fast-moving consumer goods a physical scratchcard might be the way to go. A major benefit is that a maximum volume of winners can also be set for both digital and physical in advance of the campaign going live reassuring that the campaign won’t go over budget.

We offer full end-to-end support with both physical and digital scratchcard campaigns. Our support includes: creating your campaign, managing, and supporting whilst live, redemptions, to prize allocation.

To read more about choosing between a physical or digital campaign click here or don’t hesitate to get in touch today to hear more about how we can support further with your next digital promotional campaign. Either call Helen on 01858 414767 or email [email protected]

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