Achieving Sustainability & Effectiveness in Marketing Services

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Sustainability in business is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The point of creating a sustainable business is to mitigate environmental harm caused by the production and consumption of goods and services.  Businesses have a wide range of activities to undertake as part of green initiatives, commonly things like being paperless, recycling or the use of previously recycled products, and reducing the use of plastics, but there is a balance, and you don’t want your bottom line to be affected by your environmental responsibilities.

According to Wikipedia* a business is described as green if it matches the following four criteria

And this all starts with the planning and you need to include your marketing services partner, and in fact any supplier, in the early stages to ensure that your principles are being met.  Involve them later, and you risk losing time, wasting money, and having a negative impact on the environment in the context of your campaign.  The practise of being environmentally friendly can be introduced and facilitated all across your campaign, from ensuring the correct amount of stock is purchased and therefore minimising wastage to being guided on the disposal of any overs and the use of environmentally friendly packaging. Our focus is on getting it right first time and we strongly believe that sustainability can not only be a moral win, but can build effectiveness, here’s how we holistically deliver sustainability, from strategizing during the planning and procurement stage through to optimising deliveries to avoid wasted journeys and delays:

So remember it’s not about making the bad better, but about getting it right first time. Don’t let the perception of your brand be damaged by not considering the environmental impact of your campaign.  Make sustainability part of your customer journey planning, ensure your Marketing Services partner gets it and involve them early! 

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